Wednesday November 23rd 2011

Wall Street Journal Readers Name US Chamber of Commerce in the “Top Corruption-Related Story of the Year”

Wall Street Journal readers were asked to name the “Top Corruption-Related Story of the Year.”  So far, the easy winner is the US Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber is one of the major forces behind the destruction of a livable climate and a sustainable US economy (see “The Chamber is so extreme they oppose R&D into renewable energy” and “U.S. Chamber Fights Regulations On Chemicals Linked to Penis Deformations, Birth Defects“).  In spite of the staggering economic advantage they get from their pollutocrat members, they still use the most despicable tactics (see “Chamber lobbyists solicited hackers to sabotage unions and smear its political opponents“).

Now Climate Progress has urged major publications not to use online polls.  But they don’t listen, much to their regret.

So if you want to spend a few seconds of your weekend casting your vote against the Chamber, click here.  Do it for the children.

This article was originally posted on Climate Progress