Saturday June 18th 2011


Sony Thinks Rube Goldberg Machine Will Help Sell New Tablet

Above is Sony’s teaser video for their giant-looking tablets. Sony, the company that sues makers, hackers and innovators (which are usually associated with actually building Rube Goldberg Machines) thinks a video like this will drive demand. I don’t think it will. This caught my eye for two reasons. 1) Sony wants to be clever and show a cool thing like a Rube Goldberg Machine, but Sony has historically shown they’re completely against that type of thinking and playfulness. And 2) Really? Another Rube Goldberg Machine video? It’s been done over and over by phone companies and car companies, stop it already. I know ad agencies love to pitch this ideas but you don’t need to do them.

And a tablet? Ask Samsung and RIM how their “tablet” sales are doing. Besides, we all know it’s going to have some weird proprietary memory stick duo pro plus SD extreme card UMD thing right?

Any way – Here are a bunch of other Rube Goldberg Machine videos and links.

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