Tuesday September 18th 2012

President checking out a ShopBot

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The President is checking out a ShopBot, in our lifetime we’ll have a FabLab in the Whitehouse… not a matter of if, just when :)

Unfortunately this photo set from New York magazine’s Daily Intel is called “A History of Obama Feigning Interest in Mundane Things” – most/all of the photos are of the president looking at manufacturing, equipment, factories, laboratories, and workshops – the author of the article describes this mundane. To me, it seems like the author is poking fun at how boring this must all be, but I think having the leader of the free world tour factories, laboratories, and workshops is worth celebrating. I don’t think the President is “faking interesting” as the author writes. These are great Americans, great companies, making great things, you can see in the photos how proud they are of what they are doing – we’re all trying to support more manufacturing, get kids interested in science and engineering – it’s not mundane – it’s the most exciting thing our country has going for us, we need more of this :) So, here’s my plan – I’m going to try and contact Dan Amira (the author of the article) – and see if he’ll come out to Maker Faire NYC or to Maker Faire, CA – there’s probably going to be over 100,000 people at our Faires all together. Makers from all walks of life, showing what they made, you won’t find anything mundane Dan. You might see some of the same people from that slideshow, some of the same equipment (like the ShopBot) but Maker Faire is everything *but* mundane, hopefully we can get the President to stop in too. Dan, if you see this – I have some Maker Faire tickets for you, email me!

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