Tuesday July 5th 2011


Look, it’s Jersey from space!


Notice tarp taped to the ground, stocking feet, and cotton gloves, all used to keep the fragile balloon intact. Bright tape on the camera-carrying cooler helped them recover the balloon rig.


To the left can (barely) be seen cellphone and handwarmers, to the right (under the bungies) the camera and handwarmers. The warmers are used to keep the equipment from freezing.


That’s Long Island to the middle-left, the Hudson River, bottom-middle, and Jersey, middle-right.

And it’s just that easy — or at least the folks at Island Labs make it seem so. John Abella sent us these pics of their recent camera balloon launch. Great job, guys!

Update: John emailed to clarify that Island Labs is, in fact, on Long Island, and the launch, and recovery, were both in NY (launched in Roscoe, recovered in Patterson, New York). My headline was just to make a joke about seeing New Jersey from space, not to imply that the launch was by Jerseynauts. (Er… not that there’s anything wrong with that. Go Jersey!)

Balloon Launch Flickr set


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