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What is the chemical property of mineral?

Asked by: Kelly Tansky What are chemical property of minerals? Properties that help geologists identify a mineral in a rock are: color, hardness, luster, crystal forms, density, and cleavage. Crystal form, cleavage, and hardness are determined primarily by the crystal structure at the atomic level. Color and density are determined primarily by the chemical composition.

How do you clean crystals with sea salt?

Asked by: Michele Stephens If you’re near the ocean, consider collecting a bowl of fresh saltwater. Otherwise, mix a tablespoon of sea, rock, or table salt into a bowl of water. Make sure that your stone is completely submerged, and allow it to soak for a few hours to a few days’ time. Rinse and

What happens when lava hits salt water?

Asked by: Susan Domeyer Since heat is exchanged at the interface between lava and seawater, processes that increase the surface area of lava exposed to seawater increase steam formation. High lava-flow rates produce more heated surface area. When an active bench collapses, large surfaces of hot material are suddenly exposed to seawater. What happens when

What major cities are located near the San Andreas Fault?

Asked by: Jerry Ruiz The San Andreas runs deep near and under some of California’s most populated areas. The cities of Desert Hot Springs, San Bernardino, Wrightwood, Palmdale, Gorman, Frazier Park, Daly City, Point Reyes Station and Bodega Bay rest on the San Andreas fault line. What major cities are located near the San Andreas

Where is a collision zone?

Asked by: Lori Kahn A collision zone occurs when tectonic plates meeting at a convergent boundaryconvergent boundaryA convergent boundary (also known as a destructive boundary) is an area on Earth where two or more lithospheric plates collide. One plate eventually slides beneath the other, a process known as subduction. The subduction zone can be defined

What is meant by soft story?

Asked by: Courtney Fleming The term “soft-story” refers to one level of a building that is significantly more flexible or weak in lateral load resistance than the stories above it and the floors or the foundation below it (70% or greater reduction from one floor to the next according to the modern, International Building CodeInternational

How does a divergent plate boundary form?

Asked by: Kevin Skipper A divergent boundary occurs when two tectonic plates move away from each other. Along these boundaries, earthquakes are common and magma (molten rock) rises from the Earth’s mantle to the surface, solidifying to create new oceanic crust. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is an example of divergent plate boundaries. Where are divergent boundaries

Why does a piece of stone sink in water?

Asked by: Victoria Casais The density of rock ( stone) is several times that of water – so the rock sinks – the water displaced is much less in mass than the mass of the stone. Why does stone sink into water? Solution : When the stone is placed on the water surface, the upward

How many acres is Morgan Hill?

Asked by: Cynthia Santana Is Morgan Hill good area to live? Morgan Hill has experienced rapid population growth since 2010, with the number of residents increasing by over 20% since 2010. This is partly due to its proximity to the ever-expanding job market in Silicon Valley. It’s also a comfortable, safe, and upmarket place to

What percentage of Earth’s fresh water is found in rivers?

Asked by: Meech Ashe 0.49%0.49% of surface freshwater. Although rivers account for only a small amount of freshwater, this is where humans get a large portion of their water. What percentage of Earth’s water is found in rivers quizlet? Lakes account for 87% of Earth’s fresh surface water. That may sound like a lot, but

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