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Friday June 17th 2011


CupCake CNC build, part 7: Building the Y-stage and adjusting the Z-stage


Before we go ahead and make the Y-stage, lets go ahead and level the Z-stage. It’s a really easy process. All you need to do is adjust the nuts on the Z-stage threaded rods until they are all the same height. You did add an extra nut on each of the threaded rod, didn’t you? I used a mechanical pencil as a reference point, but you can use anything, just get them all at the same height. Note: It’s always best to get a second opinion, be it human or feline.


Now it’s time to build the Y-stage. This only takes about 30 minutes and goes together fairly easily. One thing to note, some of the parts are laser etched on the wrong side. Take a close look at the pictures and make sure everything is going together the proper way. Apparently this is only an issue with CupCake CNC machines from batches 6-9.


Let’s start by assembling the build platform. My kit came with a few extra, which is a good thing since the one in the picture doesn’t work! The build platforms need to have (3) holes in the top to accommodate the (3) screws that are on the Y-stage assembly. I guess they redesigned the Y-stage and forgot to change the build platform. Oops! However, I received (2) additional build platforms in the kit, and both of them have the (3) holes allowing them to sit flush with the Y-stage. Problem solved!

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