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FabISP: A simple AVR programmer you can build yourself

Prototyping systems such as Arduino use a bootloader to make it easier to upload programs to them. This is really convenient, however if you want to get into programming 'straight' microcontrollers, then you will need to get an in circuit programmer to program them. Of course, you could just use an existing Arduino to do the job, but it's [...]

Samsung NB30 Touch : Touchscreen Netbook

Samsung have entered the touchscreen netbook market which may be a little late with the soon to be arriving folding tablets but where it makes up for it is in its durability and its compact size.   A not so great 1024x600 10.1” it’s standard size for a netbook but this has a nice touchscreen for you to prod around with and as its running [...]

Microsoft Kin : Project “Pink” incoming

We spoke a month or so ago and got a little bit excited about the prospect of a Microsoft Zune phone which I was hoping was going to be a true iPhone beater sporting the new Windows Mobile 7. Originally the rumours were flying about that the phone development was called project “Pink”. Well Microsoft has now announced that Project “Pink” [...]

Looking for a half decent cheap phone : NOKIA!!!

Yes that’s right Espoo revealed yesterday 3 half decent phones that are very friendly on the old pocket so if you’re a scrooge or just don’t want a top of the range phone then look here. What they have revealed are the E5(cheaper version of the popular E72), the C6 (an N-series-esque slider)and the C3(a super cheap Blackberry style messaging [...]

Another Sony Walkman W250 : Washable!

Sony also announced this little gym friendly Walkman the W250 designed to take the full force of gym sweat(ewww) by being splash proof and rinse proof.   Like last-years W-series releases, the W250 has that all in one wireless design where the body clips together in the middle when not in use and when in use the walkman splits and each half [...]

Sony Walkman A845

The Sony Walkman A845 was first spotted last year and was believed to be coming our way in January. Well it has been released today and certainly looks up there to compete with the iPod touch especially if you’re an audiophile looking for a higher quality of sound that Sony can deliver.   With a 2.8” OLED screen, there’s your brighter [...]

Could HTC be buying Palm

Business gurus Bloomberg announced that electronics company Palm, makers of the Palm Pre has gone up for sale and early reports suggest that Taiwanese mobile company HTC are interesting in buying the company in an attempt to strengthen its foothold in the mobile market and then hopefully challenge Apple as top dog.   HTC has shown itself to [...]

Tweetle : Yes a kettle that tweets :)

Madcap designers Ben Perman and Murat Mutlu have come up with this crazy gadget obviously due to, and like most of the British public, the love of a good brew and the obsession of the internet. Put them together and you get the Tweetle. A Kettle that tweets to let you know it has boiled.   Designed for office use in mind, switch the kettle on [...]

Creative Zen Style Series PMPs

We see a lot of PMPs heading to the market but are most of them any good? Creative in my mind were always top dog before Apple took over and the popularity stealing iPod broke the mainstream. Since Creative have lagged behind and haven’t seemed to push its boundaries into making an iPod conqueror. Sadly it looks like that will continue. BUT!! If [...]

LG GW620 InTouch Max : Review

The GW620 InTouch Max is LG’s first Android handset and is generally aimed at the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to smartphones, obviously dominated by the likes of iPhone or other Android’s like the Nexus One. However just because of this don’t let that put you off, this phone still packs a lot of goods for the price. Not only [...]

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