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Green Movement Changes Meaning of Earth Day

April 22nd will mark the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day and with a new anniversary comes a new meaning for the day. Started in 1970, Earth Day was originally conceived as a day in which the people of the world could come together and educate themselves about the needs of the planet. However, with the “Green” movement in full effect, [...]

Time for Spring Cleaning!

Photo credit: mckaysavage Regardless of whether or not you smoke, drink, eat right or exercise, environmental toxins are inescapable. It’s a sad truth that comes with living in our modern world. Just to name a few sources, toxins are found in pollution, pesticides in food, and chemicals in plastics and cosmetics. It’s important to remember [...]

Solar power will take over soon

The sunlight that hits earth in one hour is enough to cover the worlds energy demand for well over a year.The surface of the Earth receives an amount of solar energy equivalent to roughly 10 000 times the worlds energy demand. Of course there isn’t always sunlight, but the solar panels can store the energy, and they are getting better and [...]

Inequality between rich and poor nations helps fuel a climate of mistrust and sabotages efforts to secure a climate deal

Photo credit: The 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen, which many have said was our last chance to take action against “the greatest threat the world has ever faced”, ended in a failure. For over 15 years delegates and politicians from around the world have discussed, debated and negotiated the [...]

Audi green police car commercial ignites controversy

Controversy was sparked recently when Audi aired a new car commercial featuring “green police” arresting polluters for environmental infractions. The ad which ran during last Sunday’s Super Bowl, promoted Audi’s new car, the A3 TDI diesel. In the imagined green police state, checkpoints were set up to enforce strict [...]

Vancouver 2010: The “Green Olympics”?

Photo credit: roland With only a few days left before the 2010 Olympic Games officially begins, there is a buzz around the streets of Vancouver. Being a resident of the city, I can certainly say it has undergone some radical changes in the past few months. Regardless of whether or not you support the games, it seems everyone has something to [...]

Sustainability: A renewed look at locality in architecture

Photo credit: Jeremy Levine Design Sustainability has never reached the point where it became so imminent as it is nowadays and at the same time so unperfected in the architectural discussion. We are on the eve of an architectural revolution where situational design parameters are no longer used as a design tool to “catch” the genius loci of a [...]

Climate Racism, Climate Injustice & Copenhagen Greenhouse Gas Reduction Proposals

“What can decent people do to save the Planet from the Australian, EU and US climate criminals?” The bottom line in the Copenhagen Climate Summit should be (a) equal per capita greenhouse gas emissions for everyone and (b) an additional but equitable penalty for First World countries for their disproportionately huge historical [...]

Green Resolutions

Photo credit: woodleywonderworks Chances are, you already do quite a few of these already. These ideas certainly aren’t new or ingenious. However, they are simple, easy and attainable. So if you see something new on the list, give it a go. There are always things we can work on. Your Two New Best Friends… …are your reusable shopping [...]

Ice, snow, so where’s the global warming?

Photo credit: laszlo-photo As winter weather hits us again, many people confuse the current weather (cold) with the long-term direction of the climate (warmer). Just because it is cold outside right now doesn’t mean that global warming isn’t real. Global warming has to do with the climate, with the long-term trend of the world’s [...]

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