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YPLL and Health expenditure in the United States, Europe and other OECD countries

We hope that controversies around Health assistance organization in the USA will achieve enough social agreement in order to allow all the populaltion to benefit from a good and affordable health assistance at least in the same degree that it happens in the major countries of Western Europe and other industrialized countries. It does not mean [...]

Spain, the United States, Trade Deficits and top Current Account Balances

Graph 2: Current Account Balance per capita in top 18 countries with highest balance deficits Source: Euro-American Asoc of Eco. Dev. Studies, elaborated from international sources. Development Report August 2009. The order of the countries in graph 2 is the same of graph 1 (see list below). Graph 1: Top Current Account Balances of the [...]

The Role of Investment, Industry and Foreign Trade in economic development

In these figures we include some of the main features of international economic relations to foster economic development. Foreign direct investment is of great importance to increase domestic investment in many countries and to favor the increase of Imports useful to foster domestic production, both in industrial and non-industrial sectors. [...]

World Development Reports free on line 2001-2005

World Development Reports published by the Euro-American Association of Economic Development Studies for the years 2001-2005, are here free downloadable. To access each article, please click on "Abstract" and then on "Download" within the Abstract page. These articles point to the important role of Education, Industry and Trade in improving [...]

Comments on Alan Greenspan’s “The Crisis”

I just returned from the spring meeting of the Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, where I was a discussant for Alan Greenspan's new paper on "The Crisis," which has gotten a bit of media attention. I thought blog readers might enjoy reading my comments on the paper.  Here they are:This is a great paper. It presents one of the [...]