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Friday September 14th 2012


Redefining Security for the 21st Century

One of our legacies from the last century, which was dominated by two world wars and the cold war, is a sense of security that is defined almost exclusively in military terms. It so dominates Washington thinking that the U.S. foreign affairs budget of $701 billion in 2009 consisted of $661 billion for military purposes and $40 billion for foreign assistance and diplomatic programs. But the [...]


Summer Comes to Green Town »

Summer in Online Casino Ireland Green Town, Illinois back in 1928 opened like this: “It was a quiet morning, the town covered [...]

Measuring Non-Transiting »

Although I want to move on this morning to some interesting exoplanet news, I’m not through with fusion [...]

Fusion and the Starship: »

Having looked at the Z-pinch work in Huntsville yesterday, we’ve been kicking around the question of [...]


Pigovian taxes save lives »

n January 1, 1991, the federal excise tax on beer doubled, and the tax rates on wine and liquor increased as well. These changes are larger than the [Read More]


Microsoft Surface »

Microsoft proved that it could keep a secret and turned the tech community on its head [...]

What you need to »

Intel recently released its Ivy Bridge family of processors and anyone who likes gadgets [...]

Kindle Touch »

Kindle Touch The Kindle Fire may be absent from the UK but Amazon rewarded those who [...]