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Asked by: Becky Rabe How do I get Google Earth Engine? To get access to Earth Engine, please fill out the form at You will receive an email titled “Welcome to Google Earth Engine” with instructions for getting started. Is there a Google Earth API? The Google Earth API (application programming interface) enables developers

Is there any rule of thumb to decide the indentation hardness test?

Asked by: Becky Rabe How do you calculate indent hardness? In microindentation testing, the hardness number is based on measurements made of the indent formed in the surface of the test specimen. The hardness number is based on the applied force divided by the surface area of the indent itself, giving hardness units in kgf/mm².

If Earth had rings would gravity exerted by Earth decrease?

Asked by: Janet Dunn Rings wouldn’t decrease the gravity much, but the exact amount would depend on the exact geometry of the rings. One reason is that the gravity of one side of the ring would partially cancel the attraction of the other side. What would happen to Earth if it had rings? At the

Can airplanes trigger rain?

Asked by: Janet Dunn Planes flying through clouds can increase rain or snowfall by as much as a factor of ten, scientists in Finland have discovered. This intensification of precipitation is not caused by emissions, say the researchers, but by ice crystals created as the aircraft’s wings pass though cloud layers above active rain or

Where does all the earth from surface mining go?

Asked by: Thao Adams How does surface mining affect the Earth? Surface mining (another name for “strip mining”) can severely erode the soil or reduce its fertility; pollute waters or drain underground water reserves; scar or altar the landscape; damage roads, homes, and other structures; and destroy wildlife. Where does surface mining happen? There are

Is Antarctic sea ice at record levels?

Asked by: Thao Adams Sea ice around Antarctica has reached a record low in four decades of observations, a new analysis of satellite images shows. Is Antarctic sea ice increasing? From the start of satellite observations in , total Antarctic sea ice increased by about 1 percent per decade. Whether the increase was a sign

What role does the hydrosphere play in tectonic plate convection?

Asked by: Melissa Craven Large convection currents in the aesthenosphere transfer heat to the surface, where plumes of less dense magma break apart the plates at the spreading centers, creating divergent plate boundaries. What role does water play in plate tectonics? On the Earth, water plays a necessary role in shaping plate tectonic activity, as

Differentiate correlation of between depth and bouguer anomaly

Asked by: Melissa Craven What is the Bouguer gravity anomaly? [ bōō-zhâr′ ] The difference between the expected value of gravity at a given location (taking into account factors such as latitude, longitude, altitude, and the rotation of the Earth) and its actual value. How do positive and negative Bouguer anomalies differ? The Bouguer anomaly

Waves on sandy beach separating differently-sized rocks?

Asked by: Marshall Zellner Why does sediment size vary along a beach? The size of sand grains is related to the slope of the beach. For example, the steeper the beach, the larger the sand grain size tends to be. This is because larger particles can be cast higher up the beach by the waves

Can anyone explain this frost phenomenon?

Asked by: Marshall Zellner What is the causes of frost? Frost usually forms when a surface cools through loss of infrared radiation to a temperature which is colder than the dewpoint of the air next to the surface, AND the temperature of that surface is below freezing (32 deg F, or 0 deg. C). The

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