Wednesday December 29th 2010

Sharp’s New AQUOS LED TV

Unveiled at CES last week Sharp are coming out with a new line of 1.6”deep AQUOS LED TVs and boy do they look good. As you all know we all love a good TV at Mighty Gadget and these do indeed look the bee’s knees as most LED’s do. What makes them different you might ask? Standard screens work as we all know with a red green and blue pixel. These add a fourth pixel, a yellow one, which improves the colours one can see on a screen.


The LC-LE810E will come in 3 sizes, 32”, 40” and 46” and will support 1080p output. The next model up is the LC-LE820 which is pretty much the same only coming in the larger 40”, 46” and 60”. The daddy of the series is the LC-LE920E. Again this comes in 40”,46” and 60” but has extras!! It has Aquos Motion 240Hz to reduce on motion blur and has the latest version of AQUOS Net(that means if you live in the US you get Netflix and and Twitter working on your box)


The TV’s should be out in March over here but we don’t have any prices as yet


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Sharp’s New AQUOS LED TV

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